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True representation for the 105th Legislative District. 

Serving Lower Paxton, South Hanover & West Hanover

A Message from a Mother-

Like most moms, everyday when I wake up my first thoughts are of my children. What will they do today? What will they learn at school? When I think about their future I think of a Pennsylvania where they can go to school in a safe environment and receive a higher education at an affordable rate. I think of a Pennsylvania where teachers have the resources to teach a wealth of knowledge and where everyone working 40 hours a week can afford their bills. I think of a Pennsylvania where every parent can afford healthcare and our children have clean air to breathe. I think about what a bright future looks like for them -- and it is not this. 

Meet Brittney

Why I Am Running

Its simple- people before politics. 

I am running because I believe the 105th Legislative District deserves more than party-line votes and politically-fueled discourse. It is time that our community is represented by someone who understands the needs of our working-class district and is willing to put politics aside to produce real results. I am running because I believe the future of Pennsylvania is a diverse and inclusive state that should practice compassion at all levels of government. I am running because it is time to put people before politics. 

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